What Clients Say

Anna’s Healing Transformation BluePrint program is amazing!  In the same way that it is impossible to capture spiritual truths with words, it is impossible to convey the depth and richness of Anna's program with words.  I feel that I am truly transforming in every way- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  In less than 2 months I have experienced profound shifts such as letting go of sugar addiction which troubled me for many years, learning to process emotions, and sensing the limitless possibilities that await me in the future.  I can confidently take myself into trance to enlist the help of my unconscious mind in changing behaviours and beliefs, and can shift my state into parasympathetic at will.  Anna is a dedicated, compassionate, knowledgeable and skilful guide and the weekly coaching calls have kept me engaged and progressing.  I have also found the experience of working in a group enormously powerful and beneficial.  The program has given me a focus and hope, both things that had been lacking in my life for a long time.  I am layering-in various health optimisation basics about which Anna is hugely knowledgable.  I am definitely healing (in the broadest sense) and my energy levels are also improving, something I did not have any expectation of at the outset.  I have also stopped thinking of my body as fundamentally broken in some way.  I know that it is always working for me.  I am so thankful that I made the decision to do the program which I feel has been, and will continue to be, life-changing'.


‘I've just finished going through your course and WOW! WOW! WOW! It is incredible. Honestly, it's so well-rounded, holistic, supportive, incredibly informative, interesting, gentle, clear, nourishing. I could go on and on. Anna, it is amazing. I've done so many recovery courses and this one is so well-rounded and includes so much, which is exactly what you need to heal from these complex conditions'.


The course is such an an amazing resource of skills and information for healing and more than that it expands and reinforces all the tools that I learned with Anna in my earlier one on one sessions. I am particularly enjoying the group sessions, getting to share and reflect with others is such beautiful gift’.


This is the best healing program there is for chronic conditions.

I followed Anna in the NeuroCalm Fatigue Summit. Having already followed most of the speakers that she was interviewing, I was much more interested in Anna and her questions. Anna's program is based in healing, love and acceptance — in being seen and being heard. For me, this is powerful, because most women with this type of condition have become invisible. I have certainly felt invisible with my condition because nobody seems to take it seriously — as if I am making it up to get out of doing whatever needs to be done.

Over time, I have done lots of things to make myself better: insight mindfulness, psychodynamic therapy, 
psychotherapy, NHS pain management (this one left me truly depressed). For me, this is the best healing program there is because it incorporates everything that I need to feel better — I am learning to let go and go with the flow; I am doing meditation and learning trance-work; I'm learning not to worry incessantly about everything. I'm learning not to doubt myself. The program is giving me  purpose and hope. The power of the group sessions is incredible: they just envelope everyone there with love and tenderness'. 



'In brief, this course is fantastic!

What is great? I can go at my own pace, most of the learning materials are in video and mp3 format so easy to access. The research is cutting edge. The weekly coaching sessions are hugely supportive and informative and there is a sense of ongoing support and enquiry through the week with the dedicated Facebook group. The weekly sessions are geared to the needs of individuals in the group so the course materials are constantly evolving along with the issues brought up.

I have been doing the programme for 6 weeks and already I feel more resourceful in being able to be with and shift my emotional states, have less anxiety, feel more able to cope with life’s stresses and am really aware of the huge potential for transformation that this course can lead me into.

Each time I start a new module or listen to a new exercise I am just blown away by it ... so yes ... the programme is not like anything I have encountered before and really is indescribable ... and is totally fantastic!!' B.H