What Clients Say

‘What can I say about working with Anna?

Firstly, I felt compelled to reach out to Anna after watching her on a recorded chat with Raelan Agle and because I have ME/CFS and suffer with brain fog, I don’t recall the specifics of the conversation…. Just that I resonated with a lot of the ideas and language that Anna used throughout the conversation… I found myself saying ‘yes’, ‘yes’ and nodding my head a lot.  (I also am a tree hugger Anna-not so secret tho’- I have been ‘caught’ many times hugging my favourite tree!)

But ultimately, there was something about safety, and connection. I felt safe just listening to Anna speak and wanted to make a connection with her, so I reached out and pretty soon we had a Zoom meeting organised and were discussing how Anna could support me. I needed time to think about making the financial investment and Anna put the ball totally in my court and within a day or two I signed up.

The session topics were pretty organic, deep and powerful. I now have an array of resources (guided meditations, book suggestions) and practical tools to aid me in grounding, self-soothing and staying in the present, and I have trust in connection with myself, my unconscious, which I was not able to do before. I truly shifted some of my ‘stuff’, old patterns, (childhood issues, beliefs, values), I felt seen, I felt heard, I felt validated, I felt contained, I felt held, I felt safe.  I knew that I could contact Anna at any time outside our sessions through Voxer which added to these feelings. I have more energy than I have had in a long time — now that I recognise where I have been giving away my power.

Anna is down to earth, extremely knowledgeable, warm, funny, gentle, and not afraid to ‘go there’ with you! I highly recommend working with Anna’.

Deborah (1-1 Body-Mind-Spirit coaching client — 60-day program)

‘During the Covid-19 years I suffered with everything I hadn’t taken care of over the preceding decade, from traumas to guilt, stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, Long Covid symptoms and above all, an overwhelming sense of grief. 

I’d heard of hypnotherapy but had never given it a second thought until Anna introduced her Body-Mind-Spirit Summit on Facebook. I learned a lot by watching the many excellent practitioners interviewed by her, yet I knew from the start that Anna would be the person for me. 

Hypnotherapy is a serious, and a delicate matter: addressing deep-rooted traumas in one’s life and putting them to rest can be a tough ride. Trust is a pre-condition. My call was for a deep inner transformation, and for that process I needed support. 

I feel extremely lucky and grateful to have met Anna. To be guided by Anna was a blessing in every aspect. I trusted our process blindfolded as I felt in safe hands. Not only has Anna got exceptional perception and understanding, it comes with a good sense of humour as well. 

Concerning my inner transformation, I will say there was movement: quite some shifts were and are going on — in the right direction. Most importantly, now there’s a cosy, safe lounge for the traumas to rest in peace’. 

Roswitha (1-1 Body-Mind-Spirit coaching client — 60-day program)

‘Anna is incredible to work with! She is so intelligent, kind, attentive and genuine. I felt immediately comfortable working with her. She helped me understand some of the deeper key patterns that have been at play for me, and she used a multi-layered approach that pulled from her extensive knowledge, and used different hypnotherapy techniques that supported the exact unique journey I was on. Every session working with Anna, I had ‘Aha’ moments, helpful takeaways and many powerful shifts began to unfold for me. I found a presence of calm and peace within myself. I discovered a deep inner powerful strength. In doing Mindscaping, I was able to explore and redesign the inner landscapes of my unconscious mind, and in doing so, had a complete shift of no longer fearing the future. The shift happened so effortlessly and has continued to stick with me to this day. We did a session on releasing repressed emotions, and immediately after the session I felt so energised, happy and light. Another profound shift that I experienced is that my back pain that I had been struggling with for at least a year went away after addressing it in a session, and I have been pain-free for several months since. Working with Anna has been instrumental in my healing and life. I felt completely supported throughout the whole process and highly recommend working with Anna!’

Anna (Hypnotherapy client (ME/CFS))

'I have been working with Anna to help me move forwards with Long Covid and anxiety and I can highly recommend it. Anna is an extremely skilled practitioner. She has a huge range of tools and techniques to help and very intuitively picks the right ones for your particular needs. Her depth of understanding of fatigue conditions and anxiety is huge and she brings so much wisdom and empathy to the sessions. I've seen many practitioners for my anxiety issues from CBT to psychotherapy, and NLP. Anna is the first person that's helped me to reach the root cause of my anxiety which has been a hugely helpful step forwards. The benefits aren't only within the sessions themselves, as Anna teaches you techniques that you can use by yourself and in this way I've been able to continue my progress once the sessions finished.  I experienced shifts in both my physical health and my anxiety levels whilst working with Anna, which have continued to move in a positive direction since'. 

AM (1-1 Body-Mind-Spirit coaching client — 60 day program )

‘Working with Anna is always such a joy. Her intelligence, intuition and child-like joy are so uplifting and encouraging that everything goes from complicated to simple in a matter of minutes. She communicates powerfully and with such positivity with the unconscious mind that shifts happen with ease. Mindscaping was a particularly memorable experience: short and simple yet so very powerful and meaningful! It was like exploring the wonderland of my mind and it allowed me to tangibly reconnect with a lost part of myself. Reconnecting with it created a serious shift in my being and body — I suddenly experienced a new sense of completeness and strength that had always been amiss and it has been with me ever since. Truly grateful!’

Nadia (Hypnotherapy/Therapeutic Coaching client)

‘I got in contact with Anna to get some help with my anxiety. This kind of therapy was completely new to me, and I was a little apprehensive at the beginning.  From the very first session, Anna made me feel at ease. She was very friendly, professional and empathetic. She has shown me some great tools that now allow me to deal with my anxiety. Thank you, Anna!’

Ana (1-1 Body-Mind-Spirit coaching client — 60-day program)

‘Anna is one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and always makes me feel at ease. I always look forward to seeing her. I have already made some progress (in ME/CFS recovery) after only a couple of months, after not much joy with anything else. I can’t thank her or recommend her enough’.

Dan (1-1 Hypno-coaching client — Open-ended)

I have been working with Anna on and off for two years since first experiencing chronic illness. What keeps me coming back to Anna is her totally unique approach to chronic illness and recovery, combining hypnotherapy, NLP techniques and holistic coaching. Quite the opposite of a ‘standard’ hypnotherapy session in which you are lulled into a relaxed, sleep-like state without much further intervention, Anna works directly with the unconscious to address the limiting beliefs, trauma and symptom patterns which contribute to chronic illness. Beyond that, she also equips you with techniques and tools to use outside of the session and guides you to make the lifestyle changes necessary to support recovery. Drawing on her lived experience of chronic illness, Anna has a natural gift for recognising the support you most need from session to session, as well as which combination of techniques are best placed to approach those issues. It is fair to say that without our work together, I would not be anywhere near as far as I am on my recovery journey now. 

Athene (Hypnotherapy client (ME/CFS))

‘I had an incredibly enlightening time with Anna Grear. My whole being has lightened That's a huge statement and I really mean it. I have pursued many modalities over the last 14 years since coming down with ME/CFS, and working with Anna really helped amalgamate my own pursuit of health with her useful techniques. She gently counselled me to explore my personal activators that were draining me of energy. Her angelic face and soothing voice were a salve for my childhood wounds. I felt safe, heard and seen during all our sessions. She is very professional and articulate yet so personal and intuitive as well. During one session, she guided me back into my studio where I played with paint with my non-dominant hand. I couldn't believe how much joy and release that quick, spontaneous exercise gave me. Going forward, I feel I now have clear strategies to help me to continue to grow and heal. I couldn't be more grateful.

Jan (1-1 Body-Mind-Spirit coaching client — 60-day program)

‘I've been working with Anna for a few months to help with my recovery from chronic fatigue and support the brain retraining that I'm doing.  I have learnt so much from my sessions with her and feel I have the tools not only to aid my recovery but to take forward into the rest of life.  Each session has been different and Anna works organically with whatever comes up. She has helped me deal with difficult past memories and has taught me lots of techniques to help with anxiety. She is very insightful and there have been a lot of 'aha' moments when I've felt things shift. When I've contacted her between sessions she has got back to me quickly to offer support. I feel that she has been really invested in my well-being and committed to supporting me.

Charlotte (1-1 Body-Mind-Spirit coaching client— 60-day program)

Anna is a fantastic coach and hypnotherapist. Our sessions have enabled me to understand and address issues that have impacted on my healing. I have learnt new tools and skills which have become a part of my everyday practice and are a lasting legacy of the deep work that each session generated. 

I chose to work with Anna because of her insight and understanding of fatigue-based conditions and her skills and knowledge of hypnotherapy. She brought all this to our sessions along with her humour, joy and love of life. I found her organic approach to the sessions enabled me to work on both current and long-standing issues helping me lighten my load and move along my healing path’.

Mel (1-1 Body-Mind-Spirit coaching client—60-day program)

‘What an extraordinary skill Anna has in bringing things to consciousness through hypnotic processes. Her kind and gentle approach restored my lost confidence and showed a new way forward. Although Anna has created her own Stop process, familiar to many brain retraining courses that I have done, the similarity ends there. No repetitive steps, rounds and self judgments. Instead, for me, the sessions were fascinating, full of symbolism and unexpected twists and turns. Alongside the Zoom sessions, Anna offers so much support, encouragement, deep, understanding and compassion. Her approach and ideology are refreshing and offer a way of drawing on inner resources rather than working with an externally imposed model.  Since we know that everyone experiences fatigue related illnesses differently perhaps we also need different models of healing. I am thankful for finding this one'.

(60-day 1-1 coaching client)

I first knew of Anna through the Neurocalm summit – I was so interested to hear the depth and intelligence of her questions to those interviewed and it was a revelation to have a summit for those with fatigue that was paced and not overwhelming. I looked at Anna's website then and was blown away by the artwork, (in which her text was embedded) — rich, complex abstract and symbolic — it spoke to me at a deep creative level — and this was aside from my conscious understanding of her words.

When I started with the 1-1 60 day coaching I had a long list of issues to be addressed — I felt despair — “we will never get through these” I thought.   Yet, week by week, as I brought my issues, Anna always had the right hypnotic or neuroplasticity technique/tool at her fingertips to work with — it was a true evolving co-creation in which I felt total trust in Anna, her emotional intelligence and her skills. This sense continued as I did homework between sessions as Anna was available via Voxer to answer questions, helping me fine tune techniques and give emotional support to me if needed.

By about week 6, I realised we had worked through most of my list of issues and I had a sense that we were getting to a deeper core issue that I had less conscious awareness of — the real discomfort zone — and we did some profound work with this over the final few sessions.

During the entire time I felt totally held and supported and it was an amazing journey, I know I learned so much consciously and unconsciously. Anna was always patient, kind, generous, loving, knowledgeable and funny and held my vulnerability so tenderly.

Through having done the coaching sessions, I feel I now have a level of competence and trust in myself and an understanding of the varied tools and techniques Anna uses and so I have embarked on her one year Healing Transformation Blueprint programme. Here I am diving deeper and further, learning more and yet even as a group programme it is still so individually held and supported. This is now proving to be another truly amazing journey.

BH (1-1 Body-Mind-Spirit coaching client — 60-day program)

'By the time I met Anna I was struggling with refractory illness, felt rudderless and had more or less given up hope. My 1-1 bespoke coaching with Anna was exactly what I needed at the time I needed it.

Over the sessions, we explored a wide range of therapeutic modalities all tailored to my individual needs in a refreshingly honest, caring and deeply compassionate coaching relationship. 

I am now in a better place both physically, mentally and spiritually. During this time Anna's support played a significant role in helping me to slowly stabilise my situation.

Thanks to my coaching experience I feel more grounded and more able to cope with the ups and downs that life and illness may throw at me. And importantly, I came away equipped with a toolset and set of practices to help me as I continue on my healing journey'

Kiri (1-1 Body-Mind-Spirit coaching client — 60-day program)

For those looking to find greater mind-body harmony and to work with a coach who is exceptionally smart, kind, and caring, I would strongly recommend Anna Grear. She's the real deal. She left a top professorial position at one of the leading UK universities to take forward her work in helping connect with the powerful healing intelligence in their own bodies that so many of us  walk through life largely ignorant of.

Working with Anna has proved transformative for me. I came to her with insecurities/hang-ups that I'd clung to since childhood. I'd pretended those issues weren't there, or buried so deeply that they'd have no operative effect, or passed them off as 'ridiculous'. But all of that 'stuff' was there — and it was operative and toxic. These things affected everything — my work, my relationship with work, every aspect of my personal and family life, and my body.

I wanted to start building a new business and life — to enjoy a healthy relationship with work, to be a better wife, family member, friend, and person — and I wanted to have a better relationship with *myself*! I wanted to have a future that was full of promise and excitement — but I knew that I needed to be uninhibited by the mental baggage that had kept me treading water for so many years.

So I reached out to Anna. Initially, I was slightly embarrassed to even admit what some of my hang-ups were (they sounded so childish... [but at a guess, a lot of our hang-ups start feeding in at that point]) but Anna worked with me in a gentle, reassuring and non-judgemental way — and I believe has achieved clear and very significant results for me. I will always be so grateful to her.

Full disclosure: I should note that I had known Anna as a co-worker prior to the work that she does now — but for me, knowing her was very useful and a determining factor. I already knew what a kind and smart human being she was, and I trusted her 100%. So it was really easy for me to decide to work with Anna — I knew that whatever this amazing woman did that it would be driven by expertise, and would be grounded by her unwavering desire to help people — and in this case, me.

So that's my post. Anna Grear is exceptional and I feel so very excited for all those that secure Anna's help! And thank you, Anna Grear ❤️— I have embarked upon 2024 with a level of excitement and delight that I did not even know I had in me!

(1-1 coaching client)

Dear Anna,

My heart is full of gratitude for the work that we have done together during the 60 day 1-1 coaching program. Having experienced more than a year of ‘dark night of the soul’,  a sort of existential crisis causing low mood and anxiety, I now feel renewed, refreshed, uplifted and also better equipped to manage future challenges that arise. I feel as though, with your help, I have come home to myself, reconnecting to innate inner resources and to the wonder of life. 

I have found you to be exceptionally articulate, perceptive, wise and gentle in your approach and combining these qualities with clarity and humour.  Gradually I was able to trust you more and go deeper in exploring past traumas and be guided into experiences of blessing and release that I think have been quite transformative. I love the fact that your work is science and evidence based yet also integrative, incorporating the best of psychology, neuroscience, hypnotherapy, spirituality and other modalities.

Thank you again for this healing and transformative work which I know will continue to ripple on through my life. 

Jon (1-1 Body-Mind-Spirit coaching client 60-day program)