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Integrative Changework for Deep Transformation

I specialise in helping people to move towards radical wellbeing.
I use a unique combination of research-backed, potent approaches and techniques to equip clients towards self-directed flourishing at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

'My whole being has lightened' JS

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go deep to overcome unconscious patterns in their life that they experience as holding them back.

I draw on incredibly effective, rapid neuroscience-based change techniques combined with insights drawn from interpersonal neurobiology, attachment science, somatic psychotherapy, health optimisation science and more. My approach is integrative, transformational and life-changing.

Work with me on a 1-1 basis

1-1 Coaching


Bespoke 1:1 offer — powerful therapeutic coaching to support a shift towards healing and wellbeing. 

"‘What an extraordinary skill Anna has in bringing things to consciousness through hypnotic processes. Her kind and gentle approach restored my lost confidence and showed a new way forward. Although Anna has created her own Stop process, familiar to many brain retraining courses that I have done, the similarity ends there. No repetitive steps, rounds and self judgments. Instead, for me, the sessions were fascinating, full of symbolism and unexpected twists and turns. Alongside the Zoom sessions, Anna offers so much support, encouragement, deep, understanding and compassion. Her approach and ideology are refreshing and offer a way of drawing on inner resources rather than working with an externally imposed model.  Since we know that everyone experiences fatigue related illnesses differently perhaps we also need different models of healing. I am thankful for finding this one'. EW (60 day 1-1 coaching client)

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The Transformation Blueprint Program

A 12-month group coaching journey into your own  potential for radical wellbeing

You will have access to powerful change-work training, online materials and shared experiences that will change your life forever

''I've just finished going through your course and WOW! WOW! WOW! It is incredible. Honestly, it's so well-rounded, holistic, supportive, incredibly informative, interesting, gentle, clear, nourishing. I could go on and on": E.H

"In the same way that it is impossible to capture spiritual truths with words, it is impossible to convey the depth and richness of Anna's program with words": M.R

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Transformative hypnotic  recordings 

Access your powerful unconscious mind and let it do the heavy lifting for you

Powerful, immersive, layered and effective MP3 recordings for effortless hypnosis-facilitated change. 

Also available: The NeuroCalm Fatigue Summit interviews: access 20 experts in an MP3 format for unrivalled insight into fatigue conditions.



I blend a range of research-based, science-based approaches with powerful hypnosis, NLP, HNLP, therapeutic coaching, rapid synaptic change work techniques and the sensory capacities developed by advanced training in energy psychology and by over 50 years of spiritual journeying. The result is a highly intuitive process uniquely attuned to each unique client’s unique situation and challenges. 

I take a sensitive, thoughtful and multi-layered approach.

'I have learnt so much from my sessions and feel I have the tools not only to aid my recovery but to take forward into the rest of life' CA

'I love the fact that your work is science and evidence based yet also integrative, incorporating the best of psychology, neuroscience, hypnotherapy, spirituality and other modalities' JJ 

'What an extraordinary skill Anna has in bringing things to consciousness' EW

'It was an amazing journey, I know I learned so much consciously and unconsciously' BH


I trust in your inherent power and unconscious wisdom

I trust your own immense capacities for evolution

Skilful exploration helps both of us understand and map out key patterns and issues at play in your current experience. Clients frequently report transformative breakthrough insights.

You will learn proven and powerful strategies for taking control of your own experience and for moving forward from where you are to where you want to be. Be amazed by your own incredible potential.

You will encounter your own amazing more-than-conscious capacities, including the powerful capacities of your body for flourishing and wellbeing, all based in health optimisation science. 

I will use all my skills, experience and training in your service. You just need to commit to show up for yourself fully, learn and lean into the process of change. We will work together, but the results are all yours to enjoy for the rest of your life.

Are you ready to invest in yourself? 

Check your intuition: are you ready to show up for yourself fully?

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Integrative Change Work Coaching