1-1 Transformational Integrative Coaching 


What you need to know before moving ahead

I work with complex fatigue conditions, such as Long Covid and ME/CFS. I also work with those who are at risk of fatigue and/or burnout. I address a wide range of factors involved in human suffering including anxiety and trauma, early unconscious attachment injuries¬†and the layers of biological requirements¬†foundational to a life of wellbeing and flourishing. I also work, when appropriate, with the spiritual dimensions of suffering and flourishing ‚ÄĒ including with the challenges of spiritual awakening.

I view all conditions as having numerous layers and multiple factors in play, despite the fact that there are undoubtedly pivotal factors that can be addressed to produce significant shifts. I don't  take a one-size fits all approach to healing and growth. When it comes to complex fatigue conditions, many of my clients have already tried some of the excellent core-explanation modalities such as brain re-training, autonomic nervous system work and the like, and still cannot find the level of wellbeing they seek. We go deeper. This is highly personalised, bespoke work for the unique individual seeking to engage with it.

I take the physiological aspects of fatigue and wellbeing very seriously. Health optimisation science increasingly reveals the layered aspects of true human flourishing, and my own approach draws inspiration from such insights. Such layers are also foundational, in my experience, for healthy spiritual awakening. I work with the whole human being, as a human being, with skill, attunement and love.


My passion 

I am passionately committed to the growth and wellbeing of every  person I work with. I absolutely commit to using all my skills, learning and experience in the service of the one in front of me. The result is an organic, intuitive, rich process in which the client feels uniquely held, seen and heard in ways that allow a safe return to the deepest sense of Self.

My toolkit

I use a range of healing modalities and techniques, including powerful  work with the unconscious mind to explore the maps and architectures behind your lived experience and functioning. I help you take control. I can also help you understand the physiology of fatigue, healing and flourishing. Be prepared for change.

My commitment

I am deeply committed to empowering you to find your own inner resources, and to further develop your skills of self-attunement. Together, we expand your own innate, unique capacities for self-actualisation and growth. Together we can journey into the layers of your own unique evolutionary journey.

What I guarantee ‚ÄĒ and what I don't¬†¬†

I don't guarantee a cure for ME/CFS, Long Covid, or any other fatigue condition ‚ÄĒ the conditions¬†are¬†far too complex for anything so glib. I guarantee putting my best efforts, all my intelligence, knowledge, training, experience and skill at the service of my clients. Many clients report significant shifts and breakthroughs, and at times this includes clear physical¬†improvements, especially if the client takes the health optimisation layers of the work seriously.

'I highly recommend working with Anna'

'The session topics were pretty organic, deep and powerful. I now have an array of resources ...¬†and practical tools to aid me in grounding, self-soothing and staying in the present, and I have trust in connection with myself, my unconscious, which I was not able to do before. I truly shifted some of my ‚Äėstuff‚Äô, old patterns, (childhood issues, beliefs, values).¬†
I felt seen, I felt heard, I felt validated, I felt contained, I felt held, I felt safe.  I knew that I could contact Anna at any time outside our sessions through Voxer which added to these feelings.

I have more energy than I have had in a long time ‚ÄĒ now that I recognise where I have been giving away my power.

Anna is down to earth, extremely knowledgeable, warm, funny, gentle, and not afraid to 'go there with you'! I highly recommend working with Anna'.

Anna has exceptional perception and understanding 

I feel extremely lucky and grateful to have met Anna. To be guided by Anna was a blessing in every aspect. I trusted our process blindfolded as I felt in safe hands. Not only has Anna got exceptional perception and understanding, it comes with a good sense of humour as well'.


My whole being has lightened

I had an incredibly enlightening time with Anna Grear. My whole being has lightened. That's a huge statement and I really mean it. I have pursued many modalities over the last 14 years since coming down with ME/CFS, and working with Anna really helped amalgamate my own pursuit of health with her useful techniques. She gently counselled me to explore my personal activators that were draining me of energy. Her angelic face and soothing voice were a salve for my childhood wounds. I felt safe, heard, and seen during all our sessions. She is very professional and articulate yet so personal and intuitive as well. During one session, she guided me back into my studio where I played with paint with my non-dominant hand. I couldn't believe how much joy and release that quick, spontaneous exercise gave me. Going forward, I now feel I have clear strategies to help me to continue to grow and heal. I couldn't be more grateful'.



A bespoke 60-day 1-1 Coaching Relationship
I offer a 60-day bespoke coaching relationship to those who know something must change, know it must start now and know that they are the one to show up for themselves to make it happen. Are you ready to show up for yourself 120%? I will.
I am a skilful guide, but the change work belongs to the client ‚ÄĒ always ‚ÄĒ and actualising client autonomy and agency is a core aim of the partnership we forge: this is about you, and the rest of your life‚ÄĒ your power, your healing, your journey.


How it works: 60 day's of access via Voxer (daily support if you need it); eight bespoke coaching sessions (clients describe these as life-changing). You end up with powerful skills in self-directed change-work, including self-hypnosis. You get insights, shifts, knowledge and a new and powerful relationship with your own unconscious processes. You get practical advice about any layers of the physiological dimensions of your illness that you want to explore.

Are you in?
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